Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

How wonderful child can cook a delicious dish!

The Harmony Gardens "DELICIOUS THUMB"..Kitchen team is ready..... and love to share our amazing healthy & delicious skills with all the young Gourmet Chefs in Montego Bay!

We believe our kids are too smart than to except that KFCBurgerKingPizzaHut Wendys is nutritious food!!
We believe our kids are too ambitious then to get fat and lethargic in their early age already!
We believe Kids love natural real and tasty Food ...which make them feel energetic and great after eating !

What do you believe in??

Every Wednessday 4.00 to 6.00 pm

we are here to create a wonderful and yummy meal together with interested kids from age 8-14 years.

We are cooking in a small group of max. 12 kids.
Because of the limited space book early !

We will start on the 17 of November with our first Fun Cooking Class!Contribution each child $1000.00 JA

Lession I.

Delicious and crispy Pizza fun !

They all learn from scratch make a real home made Pizza Dough with a yummy
and colorful topping of mixed veggies and Veggy Gouda cheese !
Of course served with a tasty salad creation so exiting that any kid will love to eat it!

We are ready to eat around 5.30 pm our delicious early dinner on our front patio as a lovely group.

Pick up time from 5.45 (if nessessary)
It is possible to take their food home when they need to leave earlier!

Of course all kids need to be picked up are 6.00 pm sharpe !

pre view
The following week we will make the most amazing real Italian whole wheat Noodle dish ever!!!!

Let us suprise you what a great little chef you have at home !

This Idea was comming to my mind after observing for a couple of years the eating habits of the Jamaican children !

We really think it is more then time............. to teach them with lot's of fun how to create a tasty & nutritious meal them self's !

They deserver better... then just Chicken & Rice or Fast-food !

Because most Schools miss out on this so crucial PRACTICAL part of education in the subject : Food & Nutrition ....we are here and give them a wonderful chance !Now they can learn real cooking so they can develop properly on healthy and delicious foods!
call us for more information on our weekly cooking classes (876) 484 1165 or (876) 953-2593